Aligning Georgian-German sentences according to the tree-banks

TSU, 107 - 16.45 -17. 10

The goal of our research is to describe the Georgian phrase structure and to align it to the German translation. In our talk we will present the syntactically annotated Georgian and German parallel Phrase Structures aligned with Stockholm TreeAligner; We have used STTS (Stuttgart-Tüubinger Tagset) for POS Tagging of German sentences.

We decided to fit the X’ theory to the Georgian phrase structure, not vice versa - Georgian phrase -  to X’.  The theoretical loyalty of X’ and its four  universal categories with the  e-tool “Synpathy” have given us an  opportunity to make and align the  structures of the Georgian phrases according to X’ with their German equivalents; The standpoint of our work was the structure and nature of the Georgian morpho-syntax;  e.g., we have classified  the postpositions as a separate class and  any noun, adjective, numeral and pronoun can be substituted with the status of the specifier. It  is true that the postposition is not considered  as an  independent POS in Georgian, but, still, postpositions play the significant role for phrase formation, that is why we decided to unite them into the separate class. The headword and its specifier together create the PP, i.e. P’;  P bar is connected with VP, i.e. V’ that at the same time is the head for another X bars. On the basis of the empirical data the professional researcher of the tree-banks Prof. Oleg Kapanadze also considers the possible nature of  this approach, though this will increase the quantity of the  cases in Georgian.

The Specifiers, the compliments and the adjuncts, as the elements with the complex structures contain the X bars. Each character can be spread until the full projection in order to express all the lexical possibilities on each level of the syntactic representation.

The Georgian phrases were easily structured within the boundary of X’ and there were solved the following tasks: analyzing phrase, grouping the words into classes, grouping the words according to the headword classes, to adjoin the phrases into the  trees and to fill the existed blank space  between the categories of the  phrase and the lexical unit.

We are of the opinion, that X-Bar approach is very effective way to describe the deep and surface structures of the Georgian X-Phrase (XP) in parallel with the German ones in the TIGER  XML format.