Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Gelashvili Tamar 

Doctor of Philology - Doctoral Dissertation "The Function of Allusions in James Joyce Finnegans Wake" (2016) is the first monographic research of James Joyce's last novel in Georgia. Tamar translated, made commentaries and published Giacomo Joyce by James Joyce (2016). Tamar has participated in a number of scientific projects as a key personnel. Tamar was also awarded by 2013-2014 Doctoral Research Grant from the ShotaRustaveli National Science Foundation (Grant Number 40/69), enabling her to work on James Joyce materials and archives in Ireland, Switzerland and Italy under the supervision of famous Joyce Specialists such as Anne Fogarty, Fritz Senn and John Mccourt. Tamar is also the first Georgian to be awarded the Trieste James Joyce Foundation Scholarship (2015). Tamar takes active part in various international or local conferences or symposia. From 2015 Tamar has been taking part in annual James Joyce Italian Foundation Conference organized by Italian James Joyce Foundation and University Roma Tre; In 2016 she was invited to Zurich James Joyce Foundation to give a paper on "An untitled Mamafesta Memoralizing Edgar Quinet (Several JoyceanManuscripts from Hans Jahnke Archives)". Tamar has published several articles in international peer-reviewed journals, for example Allusions on Lewis Carroll in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake; International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature; Vol. 4, Issue 5, pages 47-54, 2016