21st century museums: challenges and opportunities

TSU, 115 - 16.50 -17.15

Museums have undergone significant changes in the past few decades during the global changes in the world and society. Museums are no longer considered as a "sacred space" or a temple for art – together with safeguarding heritage, collecting, preserving, and interpreting artifacts of creative expression for future generations, the missions, functions and roles are being influenced by and extended in the new millennium.      

How can museums remain resilient in uncertain times of global changes, rapid technological development and stay attractive and interesting for millenials and Z generation? How can they thrive under changing economic, societal and cultural conditions? 

The paper will explore following aspects: How the role of museum is understood today? Who are museums for (accessibility and inclusion)? What new services/units appear in museum management; how can museums play a role in the social justice, human rights or wellbeing etc.