On the Nature of Sequences in the Lower Cretaceous Deposits of Georgia

TSU, Maro-Makaschwili-Lesesaal - 17.40-18.05

Georgia and its adjacent regions during the Cretaceous period be­lon­ged to the tectonically active northern margin of the Tethys and it is natural to suppose that in this region in formation of many sequences the phenomenon of tectonic activity (even in case of significant influence of global sea-level fluctuation events) had to play one of the principal role. In the Global Sequence stratigraphic scale, e.g. within the Aptian time-interval (Early Cretaceous epoch) there are indicated 7 sequences, whereas in Georgia region - only 4. Though, similarity is expressed in coincidence of the lower boundaries of three sequences. Noted mismatch, in all probability, points out to significant influence of both - eustatic and regional tectonic (simultaneous or non-simultaneous) oscillations in Georgia and its some adjacent areas during the Aptian.