Sentences with Function of Names and Surnames

TSU, 101 - 15.30-15.55

Sentence with the function of anthroponym is not unfamiliar for languages and can be found as a proper   name and the stem of surname. Cf. : Georgian Mzevinari ‘Who is the sun’, Gulsunda ‘Heart Wants’, Ghvtisavari ‘I belong to God’, Turkish Aydoğdu‘Moon was Born(appeared)’,  Tanriverdi ’God gave’, Elaldi ‘People Took’; Russian Bogdan ‘God gave’, Old Iranian /ka hutanū/ ‘What a Beautiful Body’,/ ka-frya/ ‘How Lovely’. The main hero of the “Knight in the Panther’s Skin” of Shota Rustaveli – the most invaluable literary composition for Georgians, - is named by means of the Persian sentence Nestan-Darejan ne est an dare ǯahan ‘[There] is no[body] like [her] in the world’.

The verbal segment is often in the  Imperative mood. The Ukrainian surnames are: Varivoda ‘Boil Water’,Gulyaiwiter ‘Walk Wind’, Krutigolova ‘Turn Head [=Use brains]’, Nagnibeda ‘Attract Trouble’, Panibud'laska  ‘Lady Be Sweet’, Ubijvovk ‘Kill the Wolf’;  to the same mould belongs Russian Vladimir  ‘Possess the World’, -(о)v,  -in  The Russian surnames are marked by means of family suffix -(о/e)v,  -in: Gonimedov Terpigorev < terpi gore ‘Endure Trouble’. In the Ukrainian there are negative forms too: Nezovybat'ko ‘ ‘Don’t Call Father’,  Nepijvoda ‘Don’t Drink Water’, etc.                                               

The Imperative mood forms seem to be  spread as the German Family names: Bleibimhaus  ‘Stay Home’, Hauschild ‘Strike Shield’, Hebestreit ‘Start Fight’, Schneidewind  ‘Cut Wind’; there are also the negative Imperative mood forms:Borgenicht ‘Don’t Hide’, Sorgenicht ‘Don’t Care’, etc.          

Such kind demonstrator is the English surname Shakespeare < ‘Shake Spear’. Upon an initiative of the Queen of England was created the club of spear shakers, fighting against illiteracy.                            

The morpho-syntactical analysis of proper names, contained in paper is useful from the position of  typological study of  anthroponyms.