On the Concepts of Three Fundamental Human Activities and the Spirit of Vita Activa. Hannah Arendt’s The Human Conditions

TSU, Maro-Makaschwili-Lesesaal - 14.40 -15.05

Work, Labor and action are the fundamental activities of a human. The individual constantly makes choice between these actions, aiming to obtain a place and recognition in society. The philosophy of politics makes the reflection exactly on the nature of the actions that is directed toward the society. In this regard, it is particularly important to analysis of the works of philosopher and policy theorist Hanna Arendt.

The Arendt’s work is distinguished with the multilateral comprehension of the issue and thoughtful space. One of her fundamental work ,,The Human Condition” draws attention of philosophers and theorists interested in current problems of  modernity.

The goal of our research is based on the Arendt’s work to analyze the challenges that arise in the sphere of modern Georgian social-politics. Today, the Georgian society must understand the challenges facing him. The main task is to restore the historical memory of the Georgian society, which connects with Western civilization in value and socio-political sphere.

The main task is to restore the historical memory of the Georgian society, which links us with Western civilization in the value and socio-political sphere.

Based on the analysis of his creativity, Georgian society research represents our desire for the academic space to become available Georgian and European dialogue, which should be transformed from historical memory to the public political space of Vita Activa.

Key Words: Vita Activa , Labor, Work, Action, Public and Private Realm, City-state: Polls, Household.