Eric Voegelins conception about modernity and reflections on it in Georgia

TSU, Maro-Makaschwili-Lesesaal - 15.05-15.30

Key words: Voegelin, Modernity, Gnosticism

My interest in Voegelin came from my general interest in Gnosticism. Once my friend said something about left-wing thinkers and after that another friend commented "gnostic arrogance. it was something different understanding of term Gnosticism, I asked him what was he meaning with term Gnosticism and his answer was a link about article "Gnosticism" in “Dictionary of Voegelinian Terminology”. This was when I first heard about Voegelin and after that I read some of his works. Months after another friend share an interview, where a contemporary Georgian philosopher calls nowadays and contemporary western civilization “Gnostic materialism”, this was sound very familiar to Voegelin but without mentioning he. After several months, the same philosopher in TV show, “SWOT analysis”,said that western civilization’s religion today is other than Christianity, and I remembered chapter from Voegelin“New science of politics”, named “Gnosticism; nature of modernity”. He stated that many scholars call this new religion - Gnosticism. I was sure, histhoughtswere based on Voegelin. After weeks, he mentioned Voegelins namefirst time, when was speaking about trump’s victory in US presidential election, he told about returning normal language and I rememberedVoegelins thought about how ideologies are destruction of languages. So, my short report will about Voegelins theory and its impact in today’s Georgia.