Tracing Manuscripts: Textual History of the Georgian Bible

TSU, 202 - 15.10-15.35

When, where, in what circumstances, and how many times was the Bible translated into Georgian?  Who translated it?  What sort of path did its texts take?  In which ways were they changed?  Was this a chaotic development of these texts or were they changed due to standardization? It seems that the Bible was translated into Georgian in various places, its manuscripts were written in different literary circles - in Georgia, as well as in the Holy Land, at Sinai, Athos, Constantinople. They were written on papyrus, parchment and paper; on large codices as well as on small manuscripts. What do these manuscripts tell about the history of Georgian Christian culture? About the origin and formation of Georgian Christian literature? About Georgian book culture? In the paper I will try attempt to answer all these questions tracing the Georgian Biblical Manuscripts.