The Kartvelian Script of Phaistos Disc

TSU, 107 - 18.05-18.30

The results of the study of the Phaistos Disc script dated back from 1800-1700BC to 1400-1300BC are presented in the paper:

1. The direction of reading the texts printed with gold punches on both sides of the disc is from left to right.

2. The algorithm (G.Kvashilava) presented on the basis of the regular rotation of the pictorial signs along the spiral grants the plausible decipherment of the texts and stimulates the further analysis of inscriptions.

3. There is a unique unambiguous correspondence of pictorial signs and phonetic units in the PhD script system.

4.  Acrophony and anagrams are unique systematic features of paradigmatic and syntagmatic structure of the full-vocalic language of PhD script.

5.  The script is proved to be original, specially designed for fixing Kartvelian language forms in PhD inscriptions.

6.  The PhD script texts are the ancient and unique instances of prayer.