Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Maia Lomia

Ph.D, Associate Professor, at the Scientific-Research Institute of the Georgian Language at the Faculty of Humanities at Tbilisi State University (TSU), Georgia.

Born 1965; Graduate the Faculty of Philology of the Tbilisi State University(1990); Post-graduate courses of the TSU (1990-1993). Defended candidate dissertation entitled “The Issue of Hypotaxis in Megrelian Language” (1998).

Major research interests:  Typology of the Kartvelian languages, Lexicology, Computational Linguistics.

M. Lomia has published 1 monograph: The Issue of Hypotaxis in Megrelian Language, 235 pages, Publishing House "Universali", Tbilisi, 2005; She has published 3 monographs together with co-authors: Linguistic Analysis of the Megrelian language , 698 pages, Publishing House "Meridiani", 2010;  Interlinear Morphemic Glossing (Morphological Analysis of Megrelian Texts), Part I, ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS, Tbilisi, 2012; Phonosemantic Vokabulary in Kartvelian Languages, 498 pages, Publishing House "Inovacia", Tbilisi, 2015.