Den 1 Dezember, 2022

Sektion - 1

TSU, 202 - 16.45-17.00

Tinatin Chkhartishvili
(Ilia State University, Georgia)

CaBOL-Caucasian Barcoding of Life is the most ambitious project
in terms of the study of the biodiversity of the Caucasus
and its role in the study of the Black Sea Basin and surrounding areas

"Caucasus Barcode of Life - CaBOL" is a consortium of Georgian-German-Armenian scientists and researchers.  CaBOL aims to explore, describe, barcode, and catalog the biodiversity of the Caucasus. During two years, we have visited almost all regions of Georgia; one of our main interests were refugial zones - Kintrishi National Park, Mtirala National Park, and Black Sea surroundings.
We have collected more than 8 000 plant samples and more than 13 000 animal samples and described dozens of new species for the Caucasus, as well as the species new for science. We have created the open access database where anyone can find information of the material we have collected, download DNA sequences and information, and use them for research purposes.
CaBOL helps local researchers with the existing resources. It helps students, interested in biodiversity science, and gives them a chance to participate in CaBOL activities.
CaBOL purpose is to develop a center of biodiversity research in the region, barcoding, and social activities, in order to raise up a new generation of scientists.