Den 2 Dezember, 2022


TSU, Die Aula - 10.00-10.15

Roland Duduchava
(Institute of Mathematics of the University of Georgia,
Andrea Razmadze Mathematical Institute Tbilisi, Georgia)

Cooperation of Caucasian and Silkroad belt countries –
the best way to foster the development of Mathematics

Andrea Razmadze Mathemtical Institute was a world famous research Institute, founded 89 years ago by Academician Nikoloz Muskhelishvili. Not only research was the main occupation of the researchers there, but also PhD program, which was the best in Georgia – 9 out of 10 most cited mathematicians had graduated PhD courses in Andrea Razmadze Institute.
During turbulent 1991-2003 years Institute, as the whole country, suffered due to miserable financial support and survived only due to its good connections abroad. We were very enthusiastic in 2003 when the new government took power, but our expectations were false – nothing has changed in the support of the Institute, just the contrary – in 2006 we were detached from the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (as other Institutes). Later, in 2010, we were deprived the building built for us in 1971, and found ourselves in the Ivane Javakhishvili State University, which never integrated us in the process of education, even in PhD program, except some particular cases, although the Institute had still a solid potential to guide PhD programs.
The only positive step which government undertook during this period, was founding Shota Rustaveli Science Foundation, which plays a positive role in stopping the degradation of scientific research. But this support is miserable, as salaries of researchers (far lower than the average salary in the country). In 2022 part of our building (only around 20 %) was returned to the institute. At the moment the Institute is fighting for the survival and missing dramatically successors – the young generation.
I will tell how we try to attract PhD students with the help of International support.