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Tornike Kadeishvili

is Georgian Mathematician, working in the field of Algebraic Topology.

He graduated the Faculty of Mathematics of Tbilisi State University and earned there the degree of  Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in 1980. Main result of his thesis, so called Minimality Theorem, lather on was generalized by himself and various authors. These results, known as Kadeishvili-type theorems, are widely used in many directions of mathematics and physics.

In 1994 he earned the degree of Doctor of Sciences (Habitation).

In  1987  Tornike Kadeishvili was awarded the Fellowship from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, which allowed him to spend 1988 and 1991 years in Heidelberg University. Here he collaborated with German Mathematician Johannes Huebschmann. Their joint paper, published in Mathematisches Zeitschrift in 1991, has very high citations.

In 1995 he received the Razmadze Prize of the Georgian Academy of Sciences for the monograph dedicated to applications of Minimality Theorem in Rational Homotopy Theory.

In 2008 Tornike Kadeishvili was elected as Senior Associate of ICTP,  International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy.

In various years he participated in scientific projects funded by  ISF (George Soros Foundation), INTAS (EU), CRDF (USA),  PEER (USA), Marie Curie’s Scheme (EU) and GNSF (Georgia).

He had visiting positions in International Banach Center, Warsaw; University UNAM, Mexico; Sevilla University, Spain; Universite de Grenoble, France; North Carolina State University, USA; ICTP, Italy; Trinity College, Dublin.

In various periods Tornike Kadeishvili was a member of Governmental Commission for Reforming the Science in Georgia, one of the founders of the “Movement for Saving Science and Education in Georgia”, member of  Scientific Board of Georgian Ministry of Education and Sciences.

Currently Tornike Kadeishvili is the Chairman of Scientific Council and the head of Department of Geometry and topology in A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute of Tbilisi State University, He lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.