Institut Pasteur, Paris

Prof. Dr. David Prangishvili

gained a Master of Science degree in 1971 at Tbilisi State University, Georgia, and a PhD (1977) and Habilitation (1989) from Institute of Molecular Biology of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow. In 1982 he was awarded Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, which enabled him to become one of the pioneers of the research on Archaea, the third domain of life. In 1986-1991 was a head of the department of Molecular Biology of Archaea at the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi. In 1991-2004 he worked in Germany - at Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry and at Regensburg University. Since 2004 he is working at the Pasteur Institute of Paris, where at present he is professor at the Department of Microbiology. David Prangishvili has been elected Member of the Academia Europaea, Member of the European Academy of Microbiology, Foreign Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, visiting professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences.