University of Leicester, UK


Research Areas
Homological algebra, homotopy theory, triangulated categories, Lie and Leibniz
algebras, algebraic K-theory. The author more then 100 scientic papers
Date and Place of birth: 21. 01. 1954. Nukriani, Georgia.
Education and Scientic Degrees
1976 Diploma in Mathematics, Tbilisi State University, Georgia.
1981 PhD in Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics, Minsk, Belarus
2000 Habilitation in Mathematics, University of Warsaw, Poland.
Positions held
1980-1982, Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Cybernetic, Tbilisi, Georgia.
1982- 1994, Senior Research Fellow, Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Tbilisi,
1994-2006, Leading Research Fellow, same Institute.
2006 - Present, Reader of Mathematics, University of Leicester. UK.
1999, Humboldt Research Award, The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany.
Special Talk
2000, Seminaire BOURBAKI "Polynomial functors over nite elds".
Lectures series
2001, "Functor homology" at Etat de la recherche "Foncteurs polynomiaux, modules
instables et cohomologie des schemas en groupes nis", Nantes, France.
2005, "Functor homology and homology of structured ring spectra" at Seminaire
Mediterranneen d'Algebre et Topologie, Universite de Nice, France.
2015, Polynomial functors, Goodwillie Calculus in algebra and THH. Munster Functor
Calculus Workshop
Editor. North-Western European Journal of Mathematics.