Iwane-Dshawachischwili-Staatsuniversit├Ąt Tbilissi


Nino Tsulaia


Post Doctor Courses at Tbilisi State University 2016

Certificate of DAAD Doctorate - Doctor Courses in Hanover Leibniz University 1994-1996

German Language Specialist:  Diploma of German and France Language Teacher –Tbilisi State Institute of

Foreign Languages 19986 to 1991



2012-till present Lecturer at IBSU

2009 –2011 Lecturer at Tbilisi State University

1997 –till present Lecturer at Ilia State University



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A Comparative Analysis of German and Georgian TV Political Advertising. ZIVILISATION RESERCHES N 8: Tbilisi univesitetis gamomcemloba 2010.p.p.135–150

Emotions in German   Advertising. Collected   articles on the International Scientific Conference”Languages and Emotions” at Tbilisi State University .Tbilisi 2010. Germanistische Studien N10. Tbilisi: Universal. 2010.p.p.149–158

Intellectual Competition   in German. Collected articles on the International    Conference „German-the Way to Europe“at Tbilisi State University. Tbilisi: 12.-15. September. 2007. Germanistische Studien N9. Tbilisi: Universal. 2009. p.p118–120

German-Georgian Business Dictionary. Tbilisi 2004.Bakur Sulakauri Publishing House