Iwane-Dschawachischwili-Universität Tbilissi


PhD, Associate-Professor at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

Fields of Research: theory of grammar, contrastive linguistics, Germanistic and areal sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, linguo-pragmatics, linguo-didactics, onomastics, translation studies.

Graduated from Tbilisi State University, underwent PhD course at Lomonosov Moscow University; dedicated her PhD thesis to the topic: Text Linguistic Analysis of Negation.

Has been awarded numerous scholarships of DAAD, KAAD, Fritz-Tyssen-Stiftung. She participates in international conferences and organizes thematic conferences in diverse fields (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Vatican). She has presented series of papers dedicated to German onomastics, transfer-cultural-geographical aspects of toponyms at the Institutes of German Studies and Cultural Geography of Heidelberg University, Mannheim Institute of German Linguistics, Berlin Institute of Oriental Studies.

At different times was invited for internships and participation in international projects at the Universities of Germany and Austria. At Mannheim, she cooperated with Prof. Dr. Gisela Zufonun on the project „Contrastive Grammar of the German Language in the European Context“ (2007–2016), with Dr. Heike Libau, on the projects: „South Asian Immigrants in Berlin“ (2008–2009), „The Audio Archive of Prisoners of World War I“ (from 2014 until now).

Marina Andrazashvili has published 40 papers in authoritative journals. She has compiled „The Manual of German Grammar“ in four volumes (1999–2003) and „The Academic Grammar of the German Language“ in four volumes (2009–2013). Her current individual projects are: „The Transfer of German Proper Names – Traditions and Tendencies“ (Monograph), „The Orthographic Dictionary of German Geographical Names with Cultural-Geographical Comments“.