Bulgarische Akademie der Wissenschaften / Sofia


Ilza Pajeva (born in Bulgaria) studied in Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology – Moscow. Her academic development is closely associated with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences where she works almost 38 years. In 1992-1994 she was a Humboldt fellow in the Research Center Borstel, North Germany and subsequently in the Pharmaceutical Institute of the University of Bonn.

Prof. Pajeva has been the 1st ambassador-scientist of the AvH Foundation for Bulgaria in the period 2008-2015, after that she became a President of the Humboldt Union in Bulgaria (2015-2019). Currently she is an honorary member of the Union.

Prof. Pajeva is a member of the Management board of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and of the National Science Fund of Bulgaria.

Her research Interests are in the field of in silico methods to drug design; her studies are focused on biomacromolecules and drugs, including natural products and their derivatives.

She has published more than 130 papers, edited 3 books, has more than 1800 citations, her h-index is 20